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Our farmhouse has been mentioned in a document for the first time in 1562. Since third generation is the Huberhof in family-property.


We are farming 49 hectares meadows, forests and alpine meadows. We have between 35-40 cattles, a farm dog and a cat. Sepp and Resi Riedlsperger as well as their son Peter are farming on regular basis.



Breakfast room/Lounge

Our comfortable farmhouse parlour serves as breakfast room and lounge, where you can try one or sometimes more jigger of our homemade fruit schnaps. On mild summer evenings you can have a chat on our terrace.







Neighbour House


In 1991 a small house inkluding 2 big appartements was build next to the farmhouse.





Our alpin cabin: Huber-Alm


In summer we offer trips to our alpin cabin in Grießen.





 Some impressions...


  • Pilzpracht
  • Hundsstein-Gipfelkreuz
  • Blick auf die Leoganger Steinberge
  • Passauer Hütte mit Birnhorn
  • Huber-Alm mit Leoganger Steinbergen
  • Blick auf die Leoganger Steinberge
  • Wasserer Köpfl mit den Leoganger Steinbergen
  • Huber-Alm mit dem Steinernen Meer
  • Blick auf das Steinerne Meer
  • die Huber-Alm
  • Abendstimmung
  • auf der Alm